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  • A Batching Scale in Red Deer, Alberta
    Everything You Need to Know About Batching Scales for Your Warehouse in Alberta and Surrounding Areas

    Any time you must carefully mix several various ingredients together, proportions must be exact. Batching scales are often used in food production, industrial manufacturing, and pharmaceutical laboratories where components are controlled and processed based on weight.

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  • A warehouse with Floor Scales in Calgary, Alberta
    5 Critical Factors Warehouse Managers Should Know to Maximize Floor Scales in Calgary and Alberta

    Floor scales in warehouses and industrial buildings are a critical fixture. They help you monitor everything from the weight of materials to the weight of your livestock. While helpful, most warehouses are not getting the full potential from their expensive scale system.

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  • Cattle getting prepared for their weighing in Red Deer, Alberta
    Common Breakdowns for Cattle Scales – and How to Identify the Issue

    Cattle scales are used extensively across Lethbridge and Red Deer to monitor livestock growth and track important business goals. Whether you work as a farmer, nutritionist or veterinarian, understanding the common issues that livestock scales face can ensure your investment is maximized. Regular use and heavy cattle can take their toll, but following professional advice to deal with the most common issues will help to keep your business operating without costly or time-consuming interruptions caused by faulty scales.

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  • A diagram for a Truck Scales in Calgary, Alberta
    Maintain Your Truck Scales in Calgary, Alberta through the Harsh Winter Season

    Winter makes road conditions unpredictable and requires that all drivers take extra precautions to remain safe on the roads. Your entire fleet needs to be properly adapted to make it through the season, though, so do not overlook important components of your operations. Your truck scale in Lethbridge, Red Deer, or Calgary plays a vital role in your organization and should be given some attention and preparation to make it last through another extreme Alberta winter. Keep it functioning correctly and contact the scale experts at Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd. for assistance.

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  • Highlighting the “Advantages” of Portable Truck Scales in Alberta
    Importance of Portable Truck Scales in Alberta

    Goods movement by way of truck has become a major part of life and business across North America. The transport business can be a very rewarding investment for players who understand the industry, including the management of loads on their trucks. Exceeding the legal weigh limit on a truck or trailer can lead to hefty fines or a serious accident resulting in injury or death as well as increased wear and tear on the vehicle. An under loaded truck is simply inefficient and is like abandoning revenue.

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  • Cattle waiting to be weighed in Alberta
    Factors to Look for in Cattle Scales in Alberta

    Ranch life and Western Canada have gone hand in hand since the days of cattle drives. However, today’s cattle operations are effectively managed businesses with collecting and measuring data about livestock performance now standard practice. Cattle weight calculations are used to estimate everything from proper feed quantity and medication dosage to calving intervals, calf growth, cow weight or condition, and herd production efficiency. To gain those measurements, today’s ranches, farms, and stockyards require efficient and accurate livestock scales.

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  • Hanging Scale from Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd. in Calgary
    A Brief Guide on Hanging Scales

    Proper weights and measurements can mean profits or losses for a business. There are many different types of hanging scales that are ideal for industrial, commercial, or agricultural trading, and also for a host of other purposes.

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  • Cattle in Alberta
    Importance of Animal Scales

    If you’re a rancher in Alberta, chances are you, and your herd, can benefit for the use livestock scales. Viewed as a luxury by some cattlemen, others consider them a necessary piece of equipment. This difference in perceptions is related to the size of the operation, herd health, and some sound business principles. A livestock scale’s importance depends upon the ranch management goals, and selected herd performance measurements.

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  • 5 Ways to Pick the Right Counting Scales for Your Business in Calgary

    Labour remains the largest cost of doing business and manually counting parts or pieces can be tiring and mistakes may occur, particularly if the quantity is large. Counting scales are devices used to count parts, which saves you time and money. The operation of counting scales is rather simple and calls for no special skills.

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  • How to Pick the Right Crane Scale for your Business in Calgary

    At Accurate/Western Scale, we offer a wide range of industrial and professional scale systems large enough to weigh trucks and livestock. As a mechanical or electronic device, industrial weighing scales are found everywhere in households, stores, and warehouses.

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  • What are the Advantages of Renting Scales for your Business in Calgary?

    Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd. offers an option to either purchase or rent a scale system - either large enough to weigh trucks, or small enough to fit the countertop of your retail shop. This is a business decision that can affect your return on investment (ROI) so you need to compare the economics of renting versus buying as well as the factors that determine which makes more sense for YOUR business.

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  • Factors Contributing to Common Scale Malfunctions in Calgary

    Your Lethbridge or Red Deer company's scales and weighing systems are an important part of making sure that your business runs smoothly and that all trade is conducted fairly. At Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd., a trusted distributor of scales in Alberta, we've seen time and again the factors that cause scales to stop working as they should.

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  • The Importance of Choosing the Right Scale Certification Company

    The accuracy of weighing systems and scales in the Red Deer, Lethbridge, and Calgary areas are highly important for both consumers and businesses. Scale certifications by a Calgary company such as Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd. can help ensure that trade is fair and that all weight measurements are carried out according to Measurement Canada regulations.

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  • How to Find the Right Calgary Truck Scales for Your Facility

    Truck scales are essential for your road cargo or transportation business. Choosing the right one will depend on a few factors, and it is important to select one that will meet your industry and company’s specific needs.

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  • How Can Custom Axle Weighing Scales Benefit Your Business?

    Just in time delivery changed the North American transportation system, putting pressure on operators and their vehicles to increase efficiency, and sometimes volume of materials delivered at a time. The immediate result was more accidents and dumped loads as the industry and regulators got a better handle on goods transport. A big part of that were inspections but, equally, a better understanding of load distribution per axle on trucks and trailers. This is determined by the vehicle’s or trailer’s gross axle weight rating.

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  • How Are Scales Certified in Calgary and All Over Canada?

    If your business and livelihood rely on any form of weight and measure, then you want to ensure that the equipment you use to do that weighing and measuring is accurate otherwise you’re leaving profit on the table or setting yourself up for a major financial loss – neither of which are desirable. To ensure a scale is accurate it requires routine calibration or to be calibrated, the oversight of which is managed by Measurement Canada.

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  • How Accurate Are Digital Scales?

    Weights and measures have been the backbone of our economy going back to ancient times. The most ancient relics of a weighing scale have been discovered in the Indus River valley, near present day Pakistan, and are dated back to over 4,000 years. There is little evidence of change until around 1770 during the industrial era when the spring scale was invented by Richard Salter, a British balance maker. The spring scale, as the name implies, measures the pressure (or the tension) exerted on a spring to deduce the weight of an object.

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