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10 things to know about loader scales

One of the most important metrics for any mining, aggregate and quarry business is payload weight. In a highly competitive environment, the best tool at your disposal to ensure accurate and efficient payload weighing are on-board loader scales, and here’s ten things you should know about them.

1. They fill a crucial need. Precise payload weighing isn’t a luxury. Even small errors in weight can translate to substantial financial losses down the road and on-board loader scales are the best way to ensure accuracy. 

2. They’re accurate. Some models can guarantee a margin of error below one per cent regardless of variables such as temperature and operator technique.

3. They have valuable features. Models able to provide a machine’s total payload for the day and specify target bucket weights will increase efficiency even further.

4. They support management solutions. Many loader scales offer powerful data collection and integration options, allowing you to track payloads along with fuel consumption and maintenance history.

5. They’re connected. Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity allow you to monitor productivity in real time. This provides a new level of customer service and efficiency and the ability to remedy underproduction issues immediately.

6. They’re low-maintenance. Most loader scales only require simple, regular checkups. Setting up pre-scheduled maintenance appointments is easy and will ensure your fleet’s scales are in top shape.

7. They’re hardy. These scales are built to withstand a range of temperatures and the rough conditions of a mine or quarry.

8. They’re a smart investment. Equipping your fleet with loader scales will lower your operating costs by eliminating the need for constant trips to weighing areas or floor scales. This will allow you to save on fuel and fleet maintenance, as your machines will have to cover less ground in the course of normal operations.

9. They boost productivity. Similarly, fewer weighing trips means operators lose less time going back and forth between weighing and work areas.

10. They’re flexible. Loader scales can be installed on any vehicle, so there’s no need to go through the extremely expensive process of updating your entire fleet.

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