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A Brief Guide on Hanging Scales

Proper weights and measurements can mean profits or losses for a business. There are many different types of hanging scales that are ideal for industrial, commercial, or agricultural trading, and also for a host of other purposes.

As one of the leaders in the scale industry, Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd. ensures that all products and services are in compliance with all applicable codes, standards, and regulatory requirements. In fact, the technicians at Accurate/Western Scale are accredited to "certify" scale systems on behalf of Measurement Canada.

Although there are many hundreds of different types of scales available to buy, it is easy to narrow your choice down to a few possibilities by considering the following points.

What is the basic type of scale you need? Agricultural, commercial, industrial, medical, or retail – as example, Medical scales must be ‘Class III approved’ when used in relation to medication, treatment or diagnosis, and gold and jewellery trade MUST have 'Class II Approval'.

Do the scales need to be ‘Trade Approved’? If the use of the scales is going to be the ‘deciding factor’ in the actual price charged to a customer for the weighed items, the scale must be ‘Trade Approved’, also known as ‘Stamped’, ‘Weights & Measures Approved’ or ’Class III Approved’.

What is the heaviest amount that the scales will have to weigh? Allow a fair margin of extra capacity, up to 40 percent is recommended.

What accuracy do you need?
Accuracy in scales is called their ‘division size’, and this is the minimum weight ‘difference’ that the scale can display as the weight on the pan increases.

What size of weigh-pan will be required? The weigh-pan should be large enough to accommodate anything that the scale is required to weigh, although some ‘overhang’ is fine if the item being weighed does not touch anything except the weigh-pan.

Do you require ‘Certification’ of the scales? In certain circumstances, an ISO accredited company for instance, will probably be required to have their scales certificated. Accurate Western Scale Co. Ltd can provide the necessary official printed certificate stating that they have been calibrated using weights traceable to national standards.

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