Cattle getting prepared for their weighing in Red Deer, Alberta

Common Breakdowns for Cattle Scales – and How to Identify the Issue

Cattle scales are used extensively across Lethbridge and Red Deer to monitor livestock growth and track important business goals. Whether you work as a farmer, nutritionist or veterinarian, understanding the common issues that livestock scales face can ensure your investment is maximized. Regular use and heavy cattle can take their toll, but following professional advice to deal with the most common issues will help to keep your business operating without costly or time-consuming interruptions caused by faulty scales.

Narrow Down the Cause of Common Cattle Scale Problems
Trouble with your livestock scale can be frustrating and disruptive during an already busy day. If you face any of the issues below, follow the directions outlined for a simple answer. Not seeing the results you need? Contact the professionals at Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd. Our team is here to provide maintenance and repair services backed by years of experience.

Here are 3 common cattle scale conundrums that can usually be solved on the spot:

  • Light Weight Readings – This issue is typically caused by a load bar or both load bars. First, you will need to determine which bar is causing the problem. Turn off the indicator and disconnect one load bar. Take note of which side is hooked up and turn the indicator back on, using the setting that does not automatically lock to the weight. Once the indicator reads ‘0’, step on the connected end. If the weight reading is close, that bar is operating correctly. If it is far off or not registering, you have identified the problematic bar. More often than not, a faulty load cell is to blame. 
  • The Weight Reading is Jumping but No Livestock is on the Scale – Follow the same steps as above to determine if the bars are to blame for the issue. If they both respond the same, the indicator may be experiencing problems. If you notice that both are reacting, see if an associate or store nearby has the same brand of cattle scale and try hooking up your indicator or load bars with their system. Troubleshoot again to determine which component is causing problems. Cable problems, load cell issues, or an indicator malfunction could be the culprit.
  • The Weight is Reading ‘0’ with Livestock on the Scale – Once again, test the load bars using the same steps. Check your settings before you begin testing and set the indicator on a mode that will not lock on the weight automatically when it is activated. Test each bar individually to see if the reading changes when you step on the connected side. If one bar still displays zero after you have stepped on, you have identified the source of the issue and can rest assured that your indicator and one load bar are operating normally.

Schedule a Professional Inspection or Repairs for Your Livestock Scale in Lethbridge and Red Deer
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