hanging scale

Hanging scales: types and benefits

Hanging scales, also called crane scales, work differently than types that use a pan or platform. Instead of placing an item on the weighing area, the load is attached to the crane’s scale hook. This makes hanging scales a more versatile tool for weighing materials and other objects. Here’s what you should know about them.


Types of hanging scales

Hanging scales differ depending on their material, weighing mechanism, display type and features. One discrepancy is between analogue and digital scales, which use entirely different weighing mechanisms. Since digital scales are typically more precise and allow for more options, like check weighing and parts counting, they’re much more common in industrial and commercial applications. However, for operations that don’t require as much precision, an analogue hanging scale is a great low-cost choice.


Benefits of hanging scales

Thanks to their design, hanging scales are much more versatile than platform or floor scales. Here are some of the benefits they offer:


Easily weigh awkward items. Some items are shaped in a way that makes weighing them on a traditional platform scale impractical or unsafe. Trying to weigh these items on a regular scale could result in an injury or equipment damage.


Protect equipment and people. Trying to transport a load that’s too heavy for your crane can result in damage. However, it’s not always possible to bring a load to a weighing station, especially on a construction site. Consequently, this exposes your staff to the risk of getting seriously injured.


Save floor space. Floor scales take up a lot of space. Using hanging scales means that goods can simply be weighed in place, which eliminates the need to budget floor space for a scale.


Save time. Since your staff won’t have to carry every item they need to weigh to the scale, it will cut down on traffic, making the workplace safer and more efficient.


Get precise measurements. Some types of hanging scales can provide hyper-precise measurements, which makes them a great investment for any operation where precision is crucial. This includes parts manufacturing and any product sold by weight.


Hanging scale rental and sales in Calgary

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