Picture of a hanging scale

How to choose a crane or hanging scale

A crane scale provides overhead weighing of large or irregularly shaped loads. When deciding on a scale for your operation, you need a clear idea of your requirements. Here’s a guide to help you find the best hanging scale for your business.



The variety of hanging scales is wide. Here’s a brief outline of the most common types.

  • Monorail hoist scales provide a versatile solution that offers a high weight capacity for more extensive industrial operations.
  • Jib crane scales are suitable in smaller spaces like machine shops or shipping centres, where smaller components are weighed individually.
  • Bridge crane scales provide high load capacity with a wide range of motion to allow faster weighing.
  • Rail-mounted or rubber-tire gantry scales are preferred by factories, mines and other high-capacity industries.
  • Semi-gantry scales are similar to the rail-mounted gantry but are supported by an elevated or rail-mounted truck at one end.



When talking to a scale supplier, you should be clear on your functionality needs. Here are a few points to consider.


  1. Load monitoring. Accurate load weights are essential for regulatory compliance purposes and to ensure safety conditions are met. In addition, maintaining load weights will safeguard your valuable equipment against damage and premature wear and tear. When deciding on the appropriate scale, you must know the weight capacity you’ll need and any specific scale graduation requirements.
  2. Process control. Consider the scale’s ease of use and how simple features like larger-sized buttons can reduce downtime caused by workers needing to remove work gloves to operate the scale. Display visibility is another opportunity to increase efficiency, particularly in the case of digital screens that must be read in bright sunlight.
  3. Energy efficiency. Considerations around energy consumption are an environmental responsibility and a matter of process efficiency. When deciding on a scale, look at its battery life to determine how frequently you’ll have to deal with downtime related to recharging or changing batteries. Some units have automatic shutoff functions to help conserve energy when the scale isn’t in use.  
  4. Data integration. Many scales can accommodate digital integrations allowing for real-time communication of information across business systems while limiting the risk of human error. Systems that enable real-time remote monitoring of weight readouts can streamline data transfer and enable faster decision-making.


Crane scales in Calgary, Red Deer and Swift Current

While accuracy is essential in your weight readings, operational efficiency is equally critical to your business. For crane or hanging scale sales and rentals, the team at Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd. in Calgary is the best choice throughout Alberta. Contact us today for expert guidance on the best hanging scale for your operation.