Cattle in Alberta

Importance of Animal Scales

If you’re a rancher in Alberta, chances are you, and your herd, can benefit for the use livestock scales. Viewed as a luxury by some cattlemen, others consider them a necessary piece of equipment. This difference in perceptions is related to the size of the operation, herd health, and some sound business principles. A livestock scale’s importance depends upon the ranch management goals, and selected herd performance measurements.

The use of livestock scales are indicated when weights at birth, weaning, and yearling ages are important expected progeny difference (EPD) measurements, so livestock scales are a must for seedstock producers. Scales will probably pay for themselves on large commercial operations if dewormers or antibiotics are used on a regular basis. Many medications require an animal’s actual weight for dosage calculation. Scales can provide cost savings in preventing either overdosing or by preventing increased morbidity due to underdosing. 

Regardless of size, producers must be able to identify the current status of their operation in order to make adjustments toward improvement cow culling, a key management tool for herd improvement and identify poorer-producing cows within a herd, essential beginning with birth weight as the starting point for measuring growth. 

What are Livestock Scales?

Livestock scales are composed of three primary parts – indicator, platform and load bars:

  • Indicators allow recording and viewing complete animal history while cattle are being weighed. Reports and graphs can be designed right on the indicators.
  • Weighing platforms are usually made of aluminium with skid-resistant surfaces. The aluminium makes them durable, lightweight and easy to clean.
  • Load bars, containing sensors, are designed for use with platforms, crates, cages, in alleyways or in squeeze chutes.

The purchase price must fit the ranch budget and the scale must result in a positive change in profits for it to be a wise buying decision. The use of livestock scales provides accurate data that farmers can use to make good decisions on the management of their farms. These decisions include the supply of feed to each animal and the most appropriate date of selling it for maximum profitability- today tracking the performance of your animals is essential.

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