Photo of a person using a precision scale for commercial purposes

What you need to know about commercial scale certification

Customers who buy goods by weight expect accurate scale readings to ensure they get exactly what they pay for. However, if you don’t follow proper scale protocols you could be putting your business at risk of alienating customers and receiving heavy fines. Here’s what you need to know about commercial scale certification in Canada.


Do all scales need to be certified?

If you run a business that sells goods by weight, you must use a scale certified as legal for trade by Measurement Canada. Commercial scales must be inspected and re-certified at varying frequencies based on the industry in which they’re used. For instance, commercial operations in the dairy, retail food, retail petroleum, grain and field crops, fishing, forestry, mining and downstream petroleum industries must typically have their scales re-certified every one to two years.


You must also frequently calibrate your certified legal for trade scales to ensure accuracy. Your business could face hefty fines if your scales produce inaccurate readings.


Scale accuracy

Scale owners and users are legally responsible for the accuracy of their weighing and measuring devices. Therefore, you must ensure your scales:


  • Have been approved, inspected and certified. If your scale doesn’t have a valid inspection sticker or certificate, you must obtain one before using it.
  • Are appropriate for their intended uses. Manufacturers design scales with different features and capacities for measuring certain commodities, like precious metals scales for weighing gold and silver and vehicle scales for weighing trucks and trains.
  • Are properly installed and protected from the elements.
  • Are used in a way that ensures accurate measurement.
  • Clearly indicate the weight or measure.


Since accuracy is critical to your operation, thoroughly train your staff on how to use the scales correctly.


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Certified scale inspectors in Alberta

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