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ForkLift Scales, Pallet Jack Scales & More

Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd. offer a number of forklift and material handling scales in Alberta and to our customers in Western Canada, including bucket loader scales, lift truck scales, weigh in motion scales and pallet jack scales to our customers.

Learn more below, or you can contact us if you have any questions or would like to request a quote.

Loadman Bucket Loader Scales and Data Collection

These units feature:

Loadman Bucket Loader Scales and Data Collection
  • LoadMan® Weigh In-Motion scales fit almost any front end bucket loader manufactured, large or small
  • Accuracy and reliability (99+% accuracy) - eliminates truck weight adjustment time, costly overload fines and underweight hauling, Increasing your competitive edge
  • Optional fleet management GPS software - monitor operator productivity, zoom in on loaders, coordinates within seconds. Collect load data directly from loaders in real-time

Additional features include:

  • Advance hydraulic pressure curve (AHPC) learns how the hydraulic pressure changes as a function of the angular position and speed of the life arms during calibration to achieve superior accuracy
  • 2-wire digital technology is immune to moisture and EMI problems associated with analog systems. Patented digital encoder (LoadCoder) is designed for superior temperature stability between -20˚F and +140˚F.


Rice Lake Lift Truck Scale

Rice Lake Lift Truck Scale

Keep your product moving with Rice Lake's CLS Cargo Lift Scale. The CLS mounts directly to any class II or III lift truck, saving material handling processes time and money. The indicator easily installs using either wired and wireless methods. The CLS-420 model comes with Rice Lake's functional and user-friendly 420 indicator.


Features of this unit include:

  • NTEP certified, 5,000 lb.
  • Two 5,000 lb. stainless steel load cells
  • Compatible with Class II forklift, 16 in cleat style carriage
  • Mechanical overload stops promote scale longevity and accuracy
  • Panoramic, 6 in x 20-3/4 in view port
  • Reinforced cover plate protects load cells and junction box from debris
  • Welded centering pin ensures proper alignment and prevents scale from lateral movement
  • Two-channel iQUBE®
  • Cal-Match™ algorithm automatically trims and calibrates scale


Features of the wired version include:

  • Coiled interface cable from scale to indicator


Features of the wireless version include:

  • ZigBee™ connection from scale to indicator
  • Two lithium-ion smart batteries included. Note: Scale operates using one battery for 24 continuous hours and requires only eight hours to fully charge.
  • External battery charger


Features of the 420 indicator include:

  • Stainless steel enclosure
  • Two-piece mounting assembly with vibration isolators
  • Six-digit, 0.8 in red LED display
  • Full numeric keypad for manual tare entry
  • Accumulate weight function for multiple skid loads
  • RS-232 port (time and date, weight)
  • Full front-panel digital calibration
  • On/Off button for forklift battery conservation
  • Setpoint button to view battery hours remaining (wireless version)


Intercomp Pallet Jack Scale

Intercomp Pallet Jack Scale

Quickly verify incoming and outgoing freight with an Intercomp PW800 Pallet Truck Scale. Inventory is a breeze with this 5000 lb capacity, fast calculating, low-parts counting pallet truck scale. The five-minute auto power off feature preserves the included nickel-cadmium rechargeable batteries that provide up to 25 hours of continuous use.

Features of this unit include:

  • Includes internal charger and 9 “D” size NiCad batteries
  • Fast, low-cost parts counting for taking inventory
  • Count totalization up to 1 million counts
  • Accuracy of ± 0.1%
  • Tare: up to 100% of capacity
  • Zero: up to 100% of capacity
  • Units of measure: lb./kg.
  • 5,000 lb. capacity in one-pound increments
  • Push-button print for gross, net, tare, total and count total
  • Displays gross, net and tare weight
  • Weight totalization up to 100,000 lb.
  • Adjustable baud rates from 75 to 9600
  • Quick verification of incoming/outgoing freight
  • Instant check of truck loading by weight
  • Large, easy-to-read 0.8 in six-digit LED display
  • Adjustable display update/weight averaging
  • Selectable AZT off, 0.6, 1, or 3 graduations
  • Mild steel
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Front End Loader Scales

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