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Reliable Precision Scales in Calgary

When it comes to measurements that require minutely precise numbers, you want a precision scale that you can trust. At Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd, we understand that the right scales are essential for conducting your business. After all, an unreliable scale is a risk to the quality of your research and products. We provide dependable precision scales that you can rely on for your scientific, industrial, educational, and other needs right here in Calgary. The right precision scale is necessary - whether you're measuring concrete or calculating the weight of a chemical. We're committed to the industry’s highest standards, which is why we provide state-of-the-art precision scales that prevent miscalculation. We have a complete range of premium precision scales for all your needs in Calgary.


The team at Accurate/Western Co. Ltd pays attention to the developments in the industry to regularly update our collection, so we can ensure that you'll find a scale that is right for you. 


You can call us on 403-250-3232 if you'd like to find out more about our products. Alternatively, you can send us your queries, and we will get back to you shortly.


Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd. offers a wide variety of precision laboratory scales and balances for your needs. A few options can be seen here, but these are just a few of what we have to offer. For more information, or to get a free quote on equipment, contact us today.


Western ES Balance  Western BH Precision Balance |  Ohaus Explorer Analytical |  Ohaus Pioneer Analytical

Ohaus Scout Pro Balance |   Rice Lake TA Analytical  Rice Lake TP Precision |  Kilotech KHA Lab Scale

Choosing the Right Precision Scale

Precision scales are versatile in terms of the different features that they offer. Although they're primarily used for their precise readings, different kinds of accurate scales come with unique benefits. These scales are used in many kinds of industries - industrial, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, educational and construction. Choosing the right precision scale for your purpose can be tricky because of the many options and features available. Some things to consider while choosing precision scales are:

  • The intended purpose of the precision scale determines the kind of features you need in it. While a scale with the ability to transmit data to your computer might be required in a laboratory, it won't be necessary for a classroom setting.
  • Paying attention to the scale’s size industries is important because you're in an industry that requires the scale to be portable. A heavy precision scale might meet your measuring requirements, but it will be of no use if you're in an industry that requires the scale to be carried around regularly. 
  • The brand of the scale and the manufacturer's adherence to the testing and licensing guidelines is essential. Choosing a scale that your business can rely on can prevent miscalculations and accidents later.

At Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd, we know precision scales inside and out. If you need help choosing the right scale for your specific needs, call us, and we'll guide you.

What Is a Precision Scale?

Precision scales, also called 'top-loading' scales, are used to measure the quantities of materials in minuscule increments. As the name suggests, these scales are used for precise readings, and unlike their counterparts, precision scales usually have more features like below balance measurements. These models serve as a key feature in laboratories, which is why they're widely used in industries like pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, not to mention their contribution to scientific research. Moreover, these scales are a common sight on construction sites because of their durability for measuring materials like concrete. You'll also often find these scales at a jewellery store because of their capacity to provide precise readings - essential to measuring precious elements like gold and silver. 


Precision scales are versatile and can be utilized for projects that require precise readings. Contact us to find out if we have the right precision scale for you in Calgary.

Our Precision Scales

Precision scales vary greatly in terms of the features that different models provide. This allows them to be put to use in all kinds of industries. At Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd in Calgary, we regularly update our scales based on technological developments, so you always have a wide collection to choose from. You can rely on us to provide you with elite products that adhere to all the guidelines. Below is a list of some of our precision scales with their features. Get in touch with us to find out about all of our scales.

Western ES Balance

Western ES Balance
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Western ES Balance
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Western ES Balance
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Some of the features of this option include:

  • Robust plastic housing (ES-203HA & ES-6KHTS); Cast aluminum housing (ES-3000H)
  • Large stainless steel plate
  • Accurate to within ±3 division at full load
  • Draft shield for more accurate reading
  • Easy to read large backlight display
  • With leveling bubble and adjustable feet for the stability of scale
  • Overload protection
  • Parts counting function
  • External calibration
  • Auto off function for battery life extension
  • Standard bi-directional RS232 interface
Western ES Balance

Western BH Precision Balance


Some of the features of this option include:

  • Fast & stable readings: 1/600,000 internal resolution
  • 13 selectable units (g.,oz.,ct.,dr.,etc.)
  • AC adapter or battery powered
  • LCD display screen with backlight
  • Includes RS 232 port & draft shield
  • Auto-calibration, tare, percentages, simple counting, overload protection & more
Western BH Precision Balance

Ohaus Explorer Analytical


Some of the features of this option include:

  • Touchless IR (infrared) sensors minimize keypad use
  • Program IR sensor to control operations including print, tare, and other selectable functions
  • Color VGA display with icons for simple menu navigation
  • Illuminated level indicator at front of balance
  • Multiple application modes designed for versatility
  • Fast stabilization time
  • Frameless, flip-top draftshield provided unobstructed access
  • AutoCal Calibration
  • QuadraStanceTM base design for superior stability
  • Robust die-cast metal bottom housing
  • Integral weigh below hook
  • ENERGY STAR qualified adapter
Ohaus Explorer Analytical

Ohaus Pioneer Analytical


Some of the features of this option include:

  • Easy to clean analytical draftshield
  • Upfront level indicator
  • Selectable environment settings
  • Flexibility of available options
  • Removable doors for easy cleaning and access
  • Upfront level bubble for easy reference
  • Selectable environmental settings
  • Integral weigh below hook
  • Standard security bracket
  • Standard RS-232C
  • Security menu lock
  • Multiple application models and units of measure
Ohaus Pioneer Analytical

Ohaus Scout Pro Balance


Some of the features of this option include:

  • Large stainless steel weighing surface
  • Large 0.6" (15.24 mm) high contrast Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
  • Integral security bracket
  • Below balance weighing (includes hook)
  • Sealed front panel and molded spill ring
  • Stability indicator
  • Overload and underload indicators
  • Auto shut-off (user enabled/disabled)
  • Low battery indicator
  • Battery or AC operation (AC adapter included)
  • Span calibration mass (included on SP202, SP402, SP401, SP601 models)
  • Integral shipping lock parameter lock switch
Ohaus Scout Pro Balance

Rice Lake TA Analytical


Some of the features of this option include:

  • Anti-electrostatic 360 transparent windshield
  • Large back lit 16.5 mm high Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) and displays 8-digits
  • Single-touch response setting for environment
  • 40-step bar graph display
  • RS-232C interface
  • ISO/GLP/BMP compliant printing
  • Internal calibration
  • Mono-Metal Tuning-Fork Sensor technology
Rice Lake TA Analytical

Rice Lake TP Precision

Rice Lake

Some of the features of this option include:

  • External weight calibration
  • Large 16.5?mm high Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
  • Selectable modes: weight, unit, count and percentage
  • 12 units of measurement
  • Mono-Metal Tuning Fork Sensor (MMTS) provides quick response and stability
  • 20-step bar graph display
  • 115 VAC adaptor included (230?VAC optional)
  • One part in 620,000 resolution
  • RS-232 bidirectional
Rice Lake TP Precision

Kilotech KHA Lab Scale


Some of the features of this option include:

  • Weigh in g., oz., lb., dwt., ozt., cnt. and KHA 0.01 g. also weighs in CT
  • Levelling bubble and adjustable feet
  • RS232 is a 9 PIN mono-directional serial interface with printing data output
  • Power Source: 120 VAC (6 VDC adapter included or 4 1.5 VDC batteries not included)
  • External calibration, brushed stainless steel platter and adapter
  • Counting features
  • Operating temperature: 10ºC - 35ºC
  • One year warranty
Kilotech KHA Lab Scale

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