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A guide to checkweighers

Checkweighers are machines used to verify the weight of packaged goods, either before or after the packaging step itself. Manual or automatic, these appliances are found in any sector that relies on accurate weighing of merchandise, including the food and beverage, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. They offer many advantages over off-line spot weighing, and here are four reasons you might need one.

1. You want to increase profits A PROPERLY INSTALLED AND CALIBRATED CHECKWEIGHER WILL ALLOW YOU TO GREATLY REDUCE WASTE, CUT PRODUCTION TIME, INCREASE OVERALL EFFICIENCY AND BOOST YOUR BOTTOM LINE. IT’LL REPLACE INEFFICIENT OFF-LINE SPOT WEIGHING, FREEING UP VALUABLE EMPLOYEE TIME FOR OTHER TASKS AND ELIMINATING GAPS IN THE PRODUCTION LINE. SECOND, YOU’LL END UP WITH FEWER REJECTS THAT NEED TO BE SCRAPPED OR REWORKED, THUS ELIMINATING A HUGE TIME AND RESOURCE SINK. 2. You want to avoid fines Given proper calibration and regular inspections, in-line checkweighing is the best way to ensure you respect governmental regulations and industry standards. Relying on off-line spot weighing is risky, as errors can creep in and result in hefty fines should an unsatisfactory product end up being sold. 3. You want to boost your reputation Ensuring that all your products are within weight requirements is a great way to solidify your brand’s standing. In addition, prospective clients asking about your production capabilities will be encouraged by the implementation of in-line checkweighing solutions, as they’ll ensure both compliance with regulations and trustworthy, reliable service. 4. You want to streamline operations Most checkweighers can be integrated into data management systems, providing real-time production, waste, rework and yield statistics that can be used to further streamline your production processes by identifying areas where loss can be minimized and even eliminated. In addition, properly calibrated in-line checkweighing generally reduces error rates, reducing the time, resources and labour costs of resolving them. 5. You want to ensure equipment effectiveness In-line monitoring of production allows you to track variations and events that lead to downtime. This makes it possible to eliminate these factors and guarantee that your operations run as efficiently as possible. Installation, inspection and calibration experts A checkweigher is only as good as the people who install, calibrate and maintain it. To ensure yours performs as efficiently as possible, trust the experts at Accurate/Western Scale. We’re authorized to certify scales by Measurement Canada and we carry a wide range of products, from precision tools to loader scales. Contact us today to request a free quote.

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