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Crane and Truck Heavy Duty Scales in Calgary, Alberta

Crane and Truck Heavy Duty Scales

Scales are handy devices. From the medical industry to industrial sites, these instruments weigh life-saving medicines, bulk recycling, or large-scale metal. Some are even used to weigh bridges. The weights and measures used when your grandparents were young are not the same as today’s technology. Today’s scales range from laboratory-delicate to robust enough to measure up to 320,000 pounds of a full-scale railcar capacity. If your business in Alberta requires accurate weighing of big loads, you will need high-quality, heavy-duty crane and truck scales.

A Variety of Calgary Industries Need Accurate Scales When you need to meet government, industry and transportation regulations, having the correct weighing equipment is vital to your business. Consider these industries that use heavy duty crane and truck scales: 1. Trucking Industry: To keep their payloads within legal limits and avoid steep fines, the trucking industry needs to abide by strict laws. Onboard truck scales help these large vehicles moving across the country to pass inspections. 2. Railroad Industry: Keeping costs down and safety up is crucial for the railroad industry. A grain elevator has to measure the volume of corn being loaded into the rail cars to ensure regulations are met. 3. Manufacturing Industry: Construction equipment manufacturers use heavy duty scales to weigh trucks and diggers. Imagine the weight of one of these large pieces of equipment. The everyday household scale cannot hold up to the capacity of their larger cousins. Other companies may need to measure the weight of steel, wire drums, or other pieces of their processes. 4. Shipping Industry: To correctly load a freighter headed out to sea, the shipyard needs an accurate measurement of the weight on the boats. A crane scale meets that need as the operator picks up each semi-trailer and puts it in the cargo bay. 5. Other Possible Needs: If you work in hazardous areas, specialty weight systems can make your work easier. Additional uses include pallet trucks and overhead load receptors for abattoirs. Find the Right Heavy Duty Scales in Calgary, Alberta for Your Business Industrial scales vary depending on the business you are in. Whether you need to measure livestock, steel, grain, consumer goods, or hazardous materials, Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd. can help. Our knowledgeable staff is trained in all all aspects of industrial weight management. When you need new scales, we can discuss a variety of options and products to fit your specific requirements. Many systems we offer, can be installed and ready for operation in a few hours, getting you back up and running with minimal interruption. Count on our dependable staff with years of experience to fix, update, or convert your existing weighing systems. Additionally, you can rely on our team for authorized scale inspections. We are Measurement Canada Accredited and can certify specific trade devices on behalf of the Canadian government under the Weights & Measures Act. We maintain strict internal quality control, so you can trust us to do the job right. Call us at 403-250-3232 to learn more about our heavy duty scales or to inquire about crane and truck scales for your Calgary, Alberta business. You can also complete an online contact form for information about our products and services or to request a quote.

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