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6 industries that benefit from floor scales

Many industries use floor scales. This is because these measuring devices are versatile and able to easily and accurately weigh large loads. Here are six industries that may benefit from having this type of scale in their facility.

The retail industry Floor scales are common in retail businesses because of their large weigh capacity. In addition, commercial businesses use them to ensure their products are accurately packaged for distribution. They’re also beneficial for keeping track of available stock. Plus, they can be used for check-weighing, too. The agricultural industry Farms need floor scales to weigh animals. Weighing livestock helps calculate the dosage of medicine and supplements needed, as well as how much food and water each animal should get. In addition, farmers sell livestock such as cows and pigs by weight, so profit and loss are determined by a floor scale’s reading. Farms also use floor scales to weigh feed. The aviation industry Airlines depend on floor scales to accurately weigh luggage and other cargo that gets loaded onto each flight. Luggage comes in all shapes and sizes, and a floor scale can quickly weigh each item. This ensures the total cargo weight is under the allowed limit. The industrial industry Manufacturers, warehouses, shipyards and dockyards all use industrial floor scales for weighing and shipping heavy cargo such as large crates and pallets. They’re also used for check-weighing packaged items for transportation. The food production industry The food industry uses floor scales to ensure recipes are followed in large-scale processing facilities. They’re employed to measure all the ingredients including solids, powders and liquids. Additionally, they’re used to weigh the final product during packaging. The recycling industry Waste removal companies and scrap metal recycling providers use floor scales to weigh goods they want to purchase. Recycling centres measure what they bring in and what they send out every day to determine how much waste they’re collecting and recycling. Floor scales in Alberta At Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd., we have a variety of floor scales that can be customized to the specific needs of you industry. Our floor scalesare easy to use and durable for long-term operations. They’re all legal for trade. Plus, they can also be installed above or below ground, depending on your needs. Contact us today for more information or to request a free quote.

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