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Truck scale and Rail Vehicle Scales in Calgary & Alberta

Discover on this page a variety of fixed truck weighing scales available in Calgary and Alberta. Head over to our Portable truck scale page for this specific need. All of our scales come with features that make them convenient and easy to use. Our truck weighing scales can be configured to meet all your needs; these can be used for a variety of system lengths and configurations. Our truck weighing scales are manufactured in Western Canada, and the quality of design and workmanship is unmatched in the industry. Our designs are Consumer and Corporate Affairs, Weights & Measures approved.

Would you like to learn more about our fixed and portable truck weighing scales in Calgary and Alberta? Please get in touch with us to send us your queries, or request a quote.


A Wide Range

The Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd. team knows that you have countless uses and applications for truck sales. For this reason, we regularly update our inventory with state-of-the-art scales to meet diverse needs. However, what remains consistent in our products is the quality. All of our scales are manufactured with care and adhere to the highest standards of quality and security.


You can rely on our top-notch fixed and portable scales in Alberta and Calgary. We invite you to browse through our list of various scales below. In case you have any queries, you can reach out to us.


Manufactured with demanding industrial environments in mind, Accurate Western is aware that the precision and durability of a truck scale are essential criteria to meet the needs of your application. Find now high quality truck scales in Alberta!

Flat Top Truck Scale Design

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This scale's features are:

  • Fully electronic
  • Low maintenance
  • Concrete or steel deck
  • Various sizes
  • Custom manufacturing
  • Load cell access through deck cover plates or side mounts

Side Rail Truck Scale Design

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Features of this design include:

  • Fully electronic
  • Low maintenance
  • Concrete or steel deck
  • Various sizes
  • Custom manufacturing
  • Side rails to keep truck on the scale


Western Truck/Rail Scale

Western Truck and Rail Scales

Combination truck and rail scales provide one scale capable of weighing both types of vehicles. A section of rail is used to weigh rail cars, and an integral concrete deck forms the weighbridge for weighing trucks.

Western vehicle/rail scales can be used to weigh both trucks and railroad cars. They are ideal for grain elevators and other operations where both types of vehicles are weighed. Reduces costs because one scale can handle all weighing needs. Weighbridge converts a section of railroad track into a scale. Trucks are weighed on an integral concrete deck.

Features of these scales include:

  • 60,000-lb dual tandem axle continuous duty
  • Custom scales for all rail sizes and gauges
  • Pandrol e-clip rail fastening system option
  • Manholes provided for pit access
  • Durable stainless steel junction box stands
  • Steel blasted to SSPC-SP6
  • Maximum Capacity: 340,000.0 lb.
  • Readability: 50 lb.

Rice Lake Rail Scale

Request a Quote Rice Lake Rail Scale

For weight verification and other non-NTEP needs, the RailBoss rail scale is a cost-effective and easy-to-install method for weighing stationary railroad cars. Powered by Rice Lake's 920i® and RailBoss software, RailBoss can be purchased as an eight-section Full-Draft system, or a simpler four-section Double Draft model.

Many scrap yards, agricultural operations and plants that could not justify the space, installation time and cost of a conventional rail scale can afford to install our RailBoss rail scale. It usually takes less than eight hours to install and is less than one-third the cost.

Due to the wide variety of installation configurations, please consult the factory to discuss application requirements and to receive complete specifications and price quotations.

Standard Features include:

  • 80,000 lb. axle capacity
  • 320,000 lb. full scale capacity
  • 40,000 lb. rail section capacity
  • 115RE or 132RE rail sections
  • 5 ft. 10 in rail sections, pre-drilled for joint bars
Rice Lake Rail Scale

Full draft package includes:                                             

  • (8) 5 ft. 10 in rail sections
  • 30 ft. of connecting cable
  • Pre-drilled joint bars with connection hardware
  • (2) Rice Lake junction boxes with transient protection
  • 30 ft. of homerun cable

Double draft package includes:

  • (4) 5 ft. 10 in rail sections
  • 30 ft. of connecting cable
  • Pre-drilled joint bars with connection hardware
  • Rice Lake junction boxes with transient protection
  • 30 ft. of homerun cable

Optional features include:

  • Custom rail sizes
  • 920i indicator with RailBoss software for full draft or double draft applications


Please note that the RailBoss will not operate without the 920i indicator and RailBoss software.


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If you're in need of portable or fixed truck scales in Calgary and Alberta, look no further. We provide a full range of top-quality truck scales. Please get in touch with us to learn more about our various products. 

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