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Industrial Scale Experts in Alberta

For weighing capacities on any scale, Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd. can advise and design solutions that combine accuracy with operational efficiency. 

Explore our range of industrial-scale products

Wight scale
  • Floor scales

    We supply and customize accurate and durable floor scales for various applications, including retail product measuring, animals and large-scale cargo. We’ll design ground-level scales to your specifications according to your needs, including capacity, weight graduation, container integration, and storage profile. For retail operations, all our floor scales are legal for trade purposes.


  • Conveyor belt systems

    Our customizable conveyor belt scale selection includes models that let you move 10,000 tonnes of material per hour. Models provide your choice of metric and imperial units. Ask us about security features like password protection and value-adding functionalities like ticket printing and communication protocols.


  • Crane and hanging scales

    Our extensive crane and hanging scales line includes models from Dillon, Kilotech, Salter Brecknell, and Massload. Choose from standard hanging scales and weight stabilizing, dual-loaded overhead rail units. We can provide precision weighing capacities from 250 kilograms to 200,000 kilograms, with graded measures as low as 0.1 kilograms.


  • Forklift and material handling scales

    For quick weighing on the move, browse our selection of material handling scales. We offer cargo lift and pallet jack models for efficient freight weighing of materials coming into and going out of your facility. Our bucket loader scales provide high accuracy combined with digital features like GPS monitoring and real-time data reporting for larger capacity.  


  • Front-end loader scales

    Our front-end loader scales can be integrated with nearly any front-end loader in operation today. These units are designed for moisture resistance and broad-range temperature stability. With 99+ percent weighing accuracy, you can optimize your loading capacity and minimize the risk of costly overweight penalties.


Your Industrial Scale Supplier in Alberta

For state-of-the-art weighing equipment that delivers optimal process and energy efficiency, talk to the industrial scale experts at Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd. In addition to our accreditation and authorization by Measurement Canada to perform inspections and certify trade devices, we hold ourselves to high internal quality standards. For your industrial scale needs in Alberta, contact us today.

Heavy vehicle weight scale
Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd.

Tel: 403-250-3232

Toll-free: 1-866-250-3232

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